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I am much better at creativity than I am as a writer. I designed my friend's wedding in 2019 and within days and hours of the preparation and production, I was addicted. The adrenaline rush from executing the biggest day of someone's life is like no other. It was trial by fire, but it was also the best way for me to learn and grasp my craft. Each event is different and our clients should have their own experience with Jili Walk Design. Everyone likes a little difference and our goal is to create that uniqueness.

We look forward to working with you...


the small details

It is always the small details that set your event apart. Imagine your event in a garden type setting, in a villa or even a resort. From the table and room decor, the flowers, the music and more; having an event does not only mean having a spectacular reception or cocktail, but it also means having a full holiday type experience with all your family and friends. At Jili Walk Design, we aim to do so and more...


Let us take care of all your needs...

photo: Michael Saab

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